It's almost Frat Friday and I'm dyyyyyying. In the best way possible.

i know, yay! the next chapter of red cup won’t be up until later tomorrow night because i’ll be working from 8-1 then i’ll be driving 3/4 hours home so i won’t be able to work on it until then but it will be up tomorrow then my next one shot will be up sunday! xo

Hey, Caro! I know you just got a job recently and you said you killed the interview, do you have tips on job interviews? I'm trying to get my first job and I'm so nervous. Thanks:)

yes! the key thing to remember is that the interview isn’t about you, it’s about the company you want to work for. sure you want to talk about your accomplishments and what you’re good at, but you need to apply those attributes to the job and how you’re going to be the best fit for their needs.

and to set yourself apart from everyone else and show initiative you need to do your research. like i have zero background in interior design and knew jack shit about the company before the interview, so i went through their website and found out about their history, goals, products, basically everything i could and brought it up in a way that showed i had what it takes to take the position i was applying for to the next level.

ask questions, listen intently, show interest and enthusiasm, and take a moment to think of a thoughtful, solid answer if a question catches you off guard. practice mock interviewing with a family member who has experience in interviewing for jobs and record your practice sessions so you can listen back and note your tone, inflection, and quality of your answers.

looking up common interview questions and preparing answers ahead of time is a great way to feel more confident and prepared. a lot of interviewing these days consists of behavior related questions like what you have done/would do in certain situations, so you need to keep that in mind.

it’s a lot easier if you think of the interviewer as an old friend you’re catching up with. stay calm, attentive, and relaxed, but sell yourself and always remember to turn it back to how YOU can help THEM.

you’ll do just fine, babe! xo

tbt ft. shitmattywears & fallingforthe1975! <3


what is matty like though like how does he talk how does he act in person

depends on how fucked up he is and how you treat him, just as with anyone else. when i met him outside of their bus he was pretty quiet and calm and “hi nice to meet you, sure you can have a picture luv” just trying to get to everyone who wanted to meet him and get through people but when i met him near the bar the second time he was far more wasted and was much more focused (oddly) and personable and so fucking expressive though still pretty soft spoken and i felt like all of his attention was on me and it doesn’t even compare to a quick hug and selfie. he’s not a robot who spits the same scripted shit no matter what state he’s in and i know that’s why he’s so loved on a deep level by so many people.

But how do you know Matty treats fans differently?

because i’ve seen it. like at the april show in las vegas there was this group of three absolutely beautiful girls dressed to the nines who went up to him and you could tell that they were trying to get with him but he said hi, took pictures, then wandered off without a secobd glance while he spent much more time with other girls who were obviously there because they genuinely loved the music who had artwork or personal stories and were dressed much more sensibly for a concert who were calm and polite.

i can’t stress how perceptive and real he is. if you’re able to catch him outside of the typical fan encounter (we caught him hanging out near the bar inside and not out near the bus) then you’ll see it immediately. plus he seems to get anxious in crowds with screaming gitls flipping their shit and is much more open and in his element in intimate settings and i’ve experienced both!

What do you think about being friends with benefits? I've recently started it with my friend and I think it's going really well but I don't know how far to go?

doesn’t matter had sex

I feel like Matty is kind of mean, is that just me?

no, not at all! i mean he’s not the kind of person who puts up with shit. like i was talking with a friend who has met him a ton of times and said he sees right through the fake girls who are all “omg i love your band where’s the after party baby” and won’t spend as much time or any time with people who aren’t genuine and i totally agree. he’s not like other celebrities who do it for the fame or money, he does it for the music and if you just want to fuck him or are fake as hell he knows and will treat you like a fan instead of someone who is in it for the same reasons he is. he’s smart and is a true musician which isn’t very common these days so i can see how he can come off like that.

Wait so you went to a casino and Matty was there or he told you "hey we should meet at a casino" ??

well he told me to wait for him inside the venue because he had some shit to do but of course his ass was wasted so we macked up the merch guy and he was all “oh they’re going to the flamingo” so we went there and allie was a boss ass bitch and sniffed him out like a bloodhound and i got his attention and the rest is history

honestly, i do not mean for this to come off as rude but do you believe that you have a chance with harry or might actually end up with him? it comes off a little like it idk maybe its just me.

yes hello have you met me i’m amazing

afire love made me want to have harry's children. i'm not just tryna tap that now, i'm tryna harvest his baby gravy and have his spawn. thank you for that really thank you. if i wasn't thirsty enough before now i'm thirsty to have his offspring and that's just a whole new level of crazy that even I don't think I'm entirely ready to deal with

i think the worst part is that he’d be such a good fucking dad like he would have a really important event to go to but he would call his manager like ten minutes before all “listen i can’t come tonight she almost said ‘mum’ five minutes ago for the first time and i can’t miss this send eight fruit baskets to everyone for me sorry bye”