god, i can’t wait for winter. sipping on hot chocolate while you curl up with a book, watching the snow fall at twilight while you sit warm inside, christmas lights strung everywhere, and day dreaming of harry styles fucking me on a bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. it’s all just so beautiful.

Have you ever met anyone off of tumblr and became friends in real life?

yeah tumblr is like platonic online dating where you meet up with other people in your area who enjoy talking about famous butts and it’s normal to pretend to give each other blow jobs in sketchy alleyways at 2am I love tumblr

Can you link me to your smut!? I'm thirsting right now but the bio link won't work for me :((

if you’re in the mobile app links never work so go to the “lbohmaster” tag in search and it’s right there! xo

shitmattywears caught me in my natural habitat

shitmattywears caught me in my natural habitat

i've been a writing hiatus for months now and it's really bumming me out. i miss writing and now i can't make sentences flow and it doesn't come as easily. i feel like i'm forcing everything to happen and it's killing me cause the lack of practice is making my skills in class worse. what do you do when you're stuck in a rut? i've done the whole 'take time off, enjoy your life, listen to some inspiring music' and i've gotten nothing

this happens to me quite often, and more recently the blocks have been because of extraneous factors in my life that have nothing to do with inspiration. i’m still looking for a place to live, have sinusitis that is draining me physically, and am worried about things like bills, the future, etc. for example, when i sit down to write, even when i have plenty of inspiration or none at all, i start thinking about things i have to do, what i’m procrastinating on, and my mind is unable to focus on creative writing. if you notice you’re experiencing the same kind of distractions, take some time and take care of your responsibilities so you don’t have those weighing over your head.

if that’s not what’s going on and you just go blank whenever you try to write on whatever project you’re working on, maybe it’s not the right time for you to be writing that piece. when i’m really stuck in a rut i enlist my friends to help me. all of my friends know i write fan fiction, and they’re always willing to let me bounce ideas off of them and most of the time they come up with things i never would have been able to think of on my own.

it sounds like you’re stressing out about it, and that’s the worst hindrance to your creative process. don’t try and get a story shoved out all at once, and don’t think you have to follow a specific formula. for example, if i come up with a random line i want to use in the middle of a story or an ending i absolutely love, i start there and work my way outwards. you don’t have to start at the beginning. just think of something, get your ideas down even if they’re completely disconnected and out of order, then piece them together later.

it may take some time to get back into the swing of things, but it will happen! just don’t put any pressure on yourself and you’ll do wonderfully x

i agree with you 100%. the last album was SO fantastic.... i was looking for more of a rock sound to this one and im disappointed :/

well we need to keep in mind that we’ve only heard a fraction of what they’re going to be putting out. in my opinion best song ever sounded much different than many of the other songs on midnight memories, so i’m thinking that four will be the same.

u didnt like fireproof or steal my girl? :( i have a feeling this album will defiantly not be ur favorite ;/

nope, don’t like either of them. the sound is just not what i was anticipating, but as long as there’s one song harry shakes his titties to on stage i’ll be fine

why whats wrong with steal my girl? :(

it sounds like it should have been an unreleased song from up all night, not their FOURTH studio album. there’s nothing inherently bad about it per say, but it feels like their sound is regressing and not progressing to me based on what i’ve heard thus far.

just listened to steal my girl



2012 harry means a lot to me.

Please don’t put your butt plug in my eye.